Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Final Part of Easter - Pt.3 The Easter Clothes

As always, we got new clothes to wear on Easter Sunday. The following are pictures of us in our clothes:

Hope you had a great weekend and are having a great week!


Anonymous said...

Your outfits are great! You 3 are the prettiest girls in Thomasville!!

Can't wait to see you in May!

Love you,
Granny & Papaw Joe

Anonymous said...

Muy Bonita ropa
Very Pretty Clothes
You guys look awesome.

Chris said...

Awe..... ain't yous guys precious!

So glad I found your blog! Yipeee! Thanks for your prayers, that means so much to us.

Hope to see you guys at SPRING DAYS again this year!!

(Please never apologize about exclamation mark. One can never have enough exclamations with Jesus in their heart! Whooopeee!)

Chris said...

opps... this things always logs me on as Chris and I AINT Chris. I'm Lindy!