Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Rebelution Conference

Our family[excluding Emily] attended The Rebelution Conference. Learn more at This conference is put on by Alex and Brett Harris, along with their father Gregg. [Their older brother Joshua is the pastor of Covenant Life Church and the author of such books as I Kissed Dating Goodbye and Boy Meets Girl.] My parents and sister agreed to go, but were apprehensive because they didn't know much about it. Wow, we were blown away! The conference was awesome and so challenging. The "battle cry" of the Rebelution is "Do Hard Things" and the purpose is to rebel against the low expectations of our culture. Teens were the main audience, but the concept is applicable to all age groups. If we were all honest, we don't do hard things very often. We are complacent and satisfied with where we have "arrived". What a bad attitude to have. I include myself in this. That was the driving force behind the conference. We won't grow if we don't push ourselves! We won't glorify God if we don't do hard things. I won't spoil it all for you, please go to the link above and read some articles. Well, I didn't mean to write a novel, I had more to say than I thought. I do have some pictures, here we go:
Mom made Lindsay, Dad, and I pose in front of this beautiful tree at Lenior-Rhyne College, where the conference was held.
First off, let me explain about the magazine. WORLD is the best magazine for news from a Christian perspective. In their "letter to the editor" section they requested that readers take pictures of WORLD with interesting people in interesting places. The Rebelution conference was advertised in WORLD, so mom suggested I ask Alex and Brett Harris if they'd take a picture with me and WORLD. They graciously agreed, and I've already sent the pictures to the WORLD mailbag! This picture is Brett Harris and me[open magazine].
Alex Harris and me[closed magazine]. I bought a copy of their new book, Do Hard Things and they also signed my copy. They were so great about signing so many books and taking so many pictures, thanks guys!
For those of you who've known my family for any length of time, we have an odd sense of humor. We saw this sign in Zaxby's, our lunch stop, and we thought it was funny. Have a great weekend!

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Hey I read a little bit about the Harris brothers and their conference. Although I am not below the age of 19 I would have liked to go to that. It sounds like a GREAT idea. These guys inspire me just becaues they are doing something at such a young age. I admire their good ambition to challenge people that are young. When I first heard the pharse rebelution I thought it sounded like a worn out phrase. I'm thinking "how many times are we going to hear somebody talk about a revolution? We need a new word for this kind of "change."

But then I heard what their challenge was and I hope many students take hold of this. I consdier people under the age of 19from a different generation even though they might be/are consider in my generation. I consider people 20 and older in my age bracket. I think we need somebody to challenge us, like somebody to say to us "DO HARD THINGS" to us in college.

Hmmm. Take pictures we intersting people...I missed that part...