Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Pt. 2 Egg Dyeing

Last year about this time, Evan and Ruthanne came to visit us. This year, they live less than five minutes from us! So, we decided to revive dyeing eggs with the McRaes.

These are the 18 hard-boiled eggs before being dyed.

These are the dyes we used for the eggs.

Evan and Ruthanne waiting for their turn.

Lindsay taking her egg out of the dye.

Dad posing with a small hat that we bought for our dyed eggs.

Here are some eggs that we swirled in different colors and drew on with clear wax.

We bought a kit with faces, hats , and clothes for our dyed eggs. Evan assembled a choir of eggs with faces and clothes, aren't they adorable?

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Anonymous said...

Your eggs are so cute!! Good job decorating!!

Miss you lots,

Granny & Papaw