Thursday, March 8, 2007

Under The House

See, I'm not kidding, we were literally under the house this afternoon! The church is buying us gas logs for our den, so today some men from church are running a gas line up to our fireplace so we can use them!

Daddy and Clifton Brinkley[from church], hard at work! Clifton has been working under the house all day!

For those of you wondering, you can most definitely strike a pose while underground. Work it, Emily!

Lindsay is holding what, I believe, is a crowbar. Whatever it is, I'd beware, she's armed!

Is that the longest drill you've ever seen, or what?? He seems to be enjoying that particular tool quite a bit; it's a very manly thing, isn't it?

Last of all, me! Yes, even in my extreme claustrophobia I went under the house, all for the blog! Actually, Dad, Clifton, Lindsay, Emily, and I could all sit under there with room for a couple more. Talk about a once in a lifetime experience. We homeschoolers can make anything educational!


Brian and Cara said...

so is this what people in small towns do for fun? This is hilarious. Hey Mike, looks like you have "the biggest drill in the neighborhood"!!~~~Cara

Anonymous said...

Hey it's Heidi. I miss you all so much! Give me a call at some point this week. I love you!

Anonymous said...

To answer Cara, "Yes, you would be surprised what we small town people find to amuse ourselves?! LOL

I'm impressed you went under the house, Chelsea! I haven't mustered up enough courage to go under ours. Steve says he can stand up in there and that it even has electricity!! Hmmm....

Love you guys! Steve and Robin