Saturday, March 3, 2007

Around Town in Thomasville

In this post, I thought I'd take you around town. This is the official sign to welcome visitors to Thomasville.

Here is a statue in downtown of the founder of Thomasville, John Warwick Thomas. He's pretty tall, but wait until you see the next picture...

This is the BIG CHAIR! Even though we're kind of hard to see, Mom, Lindsay, Emily, and me are in front of it. When Mamaw and Papaw came to help us move in, they couldn't find the big chair. All directions in Thomasville incorporate the big chair, can you believe they couldn't find it?[sorry mamaw and papaw!]

Daddy in front of the big chair, he wanted to be on the post too!

This is the plaque in front of the chair, sorry it's kind of hard to read! Thomasville is a small town, so that's it! Hope you enjoyed our tour around town.


Brian and Cara said...

Wow, that's a really big chair!! We have to figure out how to get a picture of Mike sitting in the big chair!! The chair is AWESOME! (and Dana, you are going to have to have a picture a little closer if you want Isabelle to recognize you!!!) Love, Cara

Anonymous said...


Don't you just LOVE a small town?!?! Travelers Rest is a lot like that, too! Only thing we have to boast about are an awesome sign entering the city and donkey softball games!

Love to all of you!

Steve and Robin