Thursday, February 22, 2007

Attempt at Creative Cooking

This morning[Thursday] my mom saw a recipe on family fun's website for a fish-shaped pizza, since Emily is going through an oceanography chapter in science, we decided to try to make one. These are all of our ingredients: refrigerated pizza dough, flour, pepperonis, cheese and pizza sauce, here we go!

Lindsay didn't feel up to pizza making, so Emily and I took a whack at it. Here Emily is rolling out the dough,which we were supposed to make into an oval. The dough came rectangular, so it didn't exactly look like and oval.

Next goes the sauce, that's my hand if you're wondering!

Then the cheese and the pepperoni scales! Anyone seeing anything that remotely looks like a fish, 'cause I'm not seeing it?!

This is the finished product! Well, it's not exactly a fish; we're calling it the eel pizza.

She didn't help make it, but she'll help eat it! The consensus was that the pizza was great , but it definitely didn't look like a fish!


Pam said...

Hey Ferguson's - your new home and church are beautiful! Chelsea, you're doing a great job with the website - I'm very impressed!


Brian and Cara said...

If at first you don't succeed, try try again! Actually, I am sure that it tasted great and would make a great addition to some lobster and octopus cookies!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Chelsea I love your blog.