Friday, March 16, 2007

Homeschool Art Class

Lindsay, Emily and I have been taking art classes on Friday mornings at Richfork Baptist Church. We LOVE art class! Emily's first project was to paint a scene from her favorite book. Lindsay's and my first project was to paint a large, cartoonish self portrait.

Emily finished another project today: her celestial mask.
Where is she??

Lindsay and I glazed clay boxes that we sculpted last week, but we haven't gotten them back yet. Here they are: pre-glazed and fired.Lindsay's is in the front, mine is the oblong one in the back!

Here we are, hard at work! The girl with Lindsay is her friend, Lauren.

I'll post more artistic achievements as we do them!!


Brian and Cara said...

Nice pictures! I am thoroughly impressed with your artistic achievements. (much better than what I could do!) Still, where are you Dana and where is YOUR self portrait??

Anonymous said...

Hello Fergs,
Glad to see that you have turned into quite the artists. Lindsay's picture looks the most like her. It also looks a little bit like Ms. McCready from Chronicles. Your crawlspace is the size of the McRae's apartment. Ruthanne is hanging up starfish, she is so talented. Nothing much left to say here. We visited Richfork's website and it's the Jam. Ruthanne finally got to see a picture of the infamous Michael Bowers. Ruthanne thought that he looked nice. We love the Fergs. Tell Mike to stay away from the doobies; a lot of peer pressure there.
The McRaes

Aunt Cathie said...

Lindsay is that one of your new friends you were telling me about?

Chelsea girl you are looking good!! Your health life-sytle is paying off....way to go girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the art work, You're doing great. I want to see them this summer.
Love and miss you all
Mamaw & Papaw

Liz said...

hey guys love the bloggs!!! really i do!! i loved the big chair and the big chest of drawers! well i hope to see more in the future ttfn ta ta for now