Thursday, March 22, 2007


This past Monday we went with the Bowers to a children's museum in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. We had so much fun! Our favorite part was the old-fashioned toy exhibit. These things that Bailey, William, Jonathan,and I are riding are called turtles [I think]. What we did is sit on the red triangle and steer with our feet! They were so much fun!

This rock-climbing wall
was another favorite! When you step off the green carpet at the bottom and start climbing, the wall moves! Go, Jonathan, go!

This chair was really fun! It was powered by air pressure from a vacuum tube. Emily really liked it.

Bailey and Emily are such good friends, but hanging out in a giant mouth? The replica was in a part of the museum called"Health Works" which was, obviously about the human body! We will have to go back to that museum again!


Brian and Cara said...

sitting on someone's tooth? That's just gross!!!! Actually the museum looks really cool. I would love to go sometime! Cara

Anonymous said...

Love the hat and that face Mike.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you all had a wonderful vacation. Looks like you had tons of fun and that house.....WOW!! We prayed for your safe return. We love you all and miss you terribly!!! Mamaw and Papaw