Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hilton Head Week!!

As most of you know, we were in Hilton Head this past week. Here's a day by day overview of our trip.

Sunday: We arrive at our HUGE house. Seven bedrooms, six bathrooms, a heated pool and beach access. Boy were the Fergusons and Bowers excited!!

Monday: We went to Savannah, Georgia and ate at Paula Deen's restaurant, The Lady and Sons. YUM! We also saw a candle-making demonstration and visited the waterfront. Savannah was an absolutely beautiful city to visit. Do we look like the bars in a Cingular commercial or is it just me?

Tuesday: We went to Harbour Island and toured a lighthouse.[144 stairs to the top] There were several nice shops, I bought the sweatshirt I'm wearing. We got ice cream and played in this beautiful park.

Wednesday: We played putt- putt at the Legendary Golf course. The course was Christian owned and operated. There was a Bible verse at every hole! Michael B. was really happy to be playing putt putt!

Thursday: Hilton Head has bike paths and lanes running beside the main roads. Lindsay, Emily, Bailey and I rode our bikes to Coligny Plaza to do some shopping. Mom and Dad drove ahead and met us there.

All that exercise has its sweet reward... in smoothies from Java Joe's!

Friday: We must say goodbye to this gorgeous beach! It was really hard for some of us...

Sorry, Dad, back to work! Seriously, we had a wonderful time. We love the beach!!!


Granny & Papaw said...

We are jealous but happy for you!

We love you and miss you!

Brian and Cara said...

ARRRGGG! What a perfect hat for Talk Like a Pirate Day!!! Looks like you guys had a great time. (Still no pictures of Dana though!! Come on Dana, do it for Isabelle!!!) Love Cara

Anonymous said...

3 days till Friday, Saturday, & Sunday night with the McRaes. We are excited.

Derek said...

Where's the eye patch or the scared kids. Hey we miss you cats and apparently so does Draven, she asked if yall would be at church wed. nite 4/4 D.

Anonymous said...

Wow POTC 3 right at Hilton Head! Miss you fun fergs bunches!