Monday, November 3, 2008

LYT at the BBQ Festival

I am over a week late with this post, but I've just now had time to catch my breath! Here are some pictures from our street performance at Lexington , NC's Annual BBQ Festival:

This year was the 25th anniversary of the BBQ Festival.

This HUGE sand sculpture was in front of the Art Building where we take our home school art classes.

Lindsay, Emily, and I in our Christmas Carol shirts, ready to perform!

Lined up to perform.

I could see Mom from my spot.

Most of Lindsay and part of Emily.

All of Emily, some of Lindsay, and most of [our friend] Zach!

Here is a short video of the whole group singing:

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Anonymous said...

We're so glad that you all are into sp many wonderful things, we just wish we were there to share them with you. You all sounded so good singing.