Monday, September 22, 2008

OBX ~ The Ferry

We went to the Outer Banks last week for a family getaway. How did we get a place to stay? We attended an auction for our friends Chris and Lindy Thompson, who were moving to Nairobi to be missionaries. We bid on a house at the Outer Banks and won! Chris and Lindy are now in Nairobi, so check out what's going on with them at .

We took a ferry twice to Oacracoke Island to eat and shop, the ferry ride was forty minutes one-way, so we took some pictures in our ferry-induced boredom.

We were directed to the back of the ferry, this was our view from the car.

Our beach house. . . NOT!

The ferry.

Dad and us girls on the ferry.

Sitting in the van on the ferry.

Emily and Daddy in the van.

Dad and the girls in the van.


Anonymous said...

Chelsea, I like the picture you took of my summer home! :) JK It is so beautiful! My mansion awaits me in heaven!


Team Thompson said...

Did you love it???? That's where we stayed on our honeymoon. (I mean- it was free.) Cheapest honeymoon I've ever been on... not to mention the only honeymoon. I remember you guys got a total steal on it, right? Loved Oakracoke, Bodie Island, and Hatteras lighthouses. Did you go see the pirate ship? You had to pay to go in, so naturally we didn't. The museum where you got to pet sting rays and hold poisonous sea creatures? We wanted to go kite surfing and hand-gliding, but one again... it cost. Gez, I make us sound poor! (I mean we were JUST married) We had a really great time. I LOVE THE BEACH! ... and i miss it... and you guys! But I should see you soon!

Ps. thanks for the plug to your readers! :)