Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Big [If you can call it that] Red Chair

We here in Thomasville take pride in our chair because it is the BIGGEST chair in the world. Now these people at the Outer Banks thought they had a big chair, but our Thomasville chair could have eaten it for breakfast!!

Sitting on the edge of the supposed "Big" red chair.

Woops, we slid back in this HUGE chair.

Since it was not much good for anything else, we decided to use it as a prop for our model pose.
Sorry Outer Banks, but the Thomasville chair leaves yours in the dust!


CT said...

that chair makes you look charmingly small. ; )

Christa Taylor

Matt said...

Archdale is thinking about displaying "the big oven mitt", but it hasn't passed the City Council vote yet. We are on the precipice staring down at Coolsville if that thing gets approved.

Peace out,
(brought to you by iPhone)