Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wet 'n Wild ~ Runaway Rapids and The Daredevil Drop

Here are some more water park pics! The group favorite was the Runaway Rapids slide:

Lindsay, Emily, and William had a blast!

Dad, Kailey, and I got really wet!

The biggest ride at Wet 'N Wild was the Daredevil Drop, a 75 foot tall slide! I was the only one in my family to go down. I kind of blend in, so click on the picture to make it bigger and see me on the slide!


Anonymous said...

hey Chelsea I found you in the picture. This is a great one except it makes me wish I had been able to go too...:( Good job for being the only one to do the largest slide in NC. Courage is a great thing.
Tell everyone I said "HI"

Anonymous said...

Chelsea, you are quite the daredevil.
Love you
M & P