Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Vegetable Tongue Twister:The Pink-Eyed Purple Pod Pea

Today I learned about a new veggie, the pink-eyed purple pod pea. Some good friends of ours brought us a big bucket of them along with a HUGE pumpkin. The peas closely resemble a black-eyed pea, and they're supposed to taste better. I haven't ventured to taste them yet, but I'll be sure to let you know how they taste!

The big pumpkin I was telling you about!

The Pink-Eyed Purple Pod Peas in their pods.

A few of the peas out of their pods.

Dad showed Lindsay and Emily how to properly remove the pods.

We got the job of peeling the whole bucket!

It's hard to see, but our hands were very purple when we were done!


Anonymous said...

HI chelsea! I am up late and just messing around on the computer. Stumbled upon your blog and decided to check it out! Looks like a fun afternoon of peeling pea pods! :O) HOpe you have a great rest of the weekend! Jenny

Brian and Cara said...

You gals looked SO excited to be peeling peas. I mean, I can just feel that enthusiasm. ALMOST makes me want to go get some for my kids to peel!! ~Cara

Anonymous said...

Hey Chelsea! I grew up shelling peas. They do turn your hands a lovely purple shade. They are delicious though, especially in the winter.
Angela Norris