Saturday, May 10, 2008

Celebrations in KY

While we were in Kentucky visiting we celebrated Mom's, Granny's, Lindsay's, and Aunt Cathie's birthdays and Mother's Day. Here are some pictures of our celebration with Granny and Papaw Joe. *Many apologies, we forgot to take pictures when we went to dinner[yum!] with Mamaw, Papaw Chester, Aunt Cathie, and Andrew. We love you guys!*

Granny surprised Mom with an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen for their joint birthday at the end of the month.

Lindsay, instead, opted for chess bars[my personal fave], brownies, and Papaw Joe's new ice cream flavor, Elvis. Anybody know what flavor that may have been?

Granny loved her presents! I made her the pink soap, yes I mad it myself, and the family got her flexible cutting boards from Williams-Sonoma.

Mom got a new book from us girls, Won't Let You Go Until You Bless Me by Andree Seu. Dad sent her to get her hair highlighted and Granny bought her new clothes.

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Anonymous said...

It was a great time but always too short. I loved my presents and having all of you here!
It was just like old times!

Miss you before you left!