Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Art on Display in Lexington

As promised, here are some pictures of us at the art gallery opening. Though none of us won a prize, it was still fun to see our art up in a real gallery!

Emily with the piece she entered, "At the Movies" is her self portrait in watercolor and colored pencil.

Lindsay with the piece she entered. "Distress" is a compilation of things from famous paintings and drawings connected by lines, curves, or stippling with sharpies to create one unified picture.

Here I am with my piece. "Fall Colors" is a reflection painting. Once I finished part of it, I folded the paper over to get a reflection on the other side.
Dad found his favorite piece at the gallery, a sculpture by a mysterious artist called "Eureka".
All jokes aside, our art and the art of other homeschoolers from our classes will be up in that gallery for almost two weeks. If you live close enough, swing by the Lexington Art Building and check us out!


Brian and Cara said...

Nice artwork girls. Lindsay, I am especially impressed, I didn't know you had it in you! Love, Cara

by the way, the cat post below is hysterical! I have laughed everytime I have looked at it!

Anonymous said...

Your artwork is really great! They are all different just like the 3 of you!

I liked the one of your Dad, too

Love and miss you!

Granny & Papaw Joe