Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lindsay's New Look

Lindsay got her braces on today! Her mouth is really sore, but she's looking forward to having straight teeth!


Anonymous said...

Those braces look good.
You are beautiful to us with or without braces. And you're letting your hair grow too, huh?
We love you and miss you all.
Mamaw & Papaw

Brian and Cara said...

Lindsay, Looking great! Here's hoping that your stay in braces is shorter than your sisters! Love, the Croft Fam

Anonymous said...

I love your braces, just think how nice your teeth will be once they come off! I love and you all so much! Write sometime!
Aunt Cathie

Anonymous said...

Of course you know that it's not what you look like on the outside, but the BEAUTIFUL you on the inside that Really counts. Anyway I just thought I'd say I really think Braces aren't bad-looking at all and they may even make you stronger in the end.
Your Friend