Sunday, February 17, 2008

Compassion Blog Month Pt. 3

This is my final post about Compassion Interantional Blog Month; though I'm planning on posting new things on Mangi periodically in the future. I recently became a child advocate for Compassion. [] I wanted to have another volunteer opportunity to serve and because it looks good on college applications. I volunteered at the science center in Louisville, but the science center her is too far away to volunteer on a consistent basis. I love my sponsored child and Compassion's ministry, so what better plce to volunteer. Once I committed and sent in all the paperwork, I had to go through computer-based training and a phone interview. The people at Compassion are very throurough! I've recieved all kinds of things since then and gained a wealth of knowledge about how Compassion works. Advocates are broken into regional areas, I'm in the southeast. My area coordinator sends me things ,via email, such as prayer calendars, country updates, and volunteer opportunities. While I haven't yet done a specific event since becoming an advocate, I will be doing a Compassion Sunday event at my church on Sunday April 13th. I did Compassion Sunday last year, before becoming an advocate, and ten children were sponsored! All of the sponsors have kept up their sponsorship for a full year now. [When I was interviewed over the phone ,the Compassion rep told me that for all of the children at one event to be sponsored is rare!] I can't wait to see what God will do this year! I love being an advocate and am hoping to do more events in the future. I hope you've learned a little about Compassion through this blog series. If you feel God leading you to sponsor a child visit

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