Monday, August 6, 2007

The Say Family

On our last day in KY we visited our friends the Says. They just had their FIFTH boy! They are all so cute and we loved spending time with them.

Daddy got to hold baby #5, Lincoln!

Maddox is boy#4, he is so adorable. I wanted to take him home with me, but kidnapping doesn't look so good on college transcripts.

Eli is #3. He was striking a super hero pose which then broke into karate chops. What I missed out on not having a brother!

Tristan[light hair] and Noah [dark hair], the oldest boys, playing Trouble with Emily. We had a great time in KY and will miss our friends and family.

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Tabitha Say said...

WOW! These kids are ADORABLE!!! Who gave birth to such beautiful , angelic children anyway? Oh yeah, ME!! This page looks great. I feel like a celebrity. You did a great job. See you soon.