Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Homemade Ice Cream with Papaw Joe

This past weekend Papaw Joe and Granny visited us here in NC. We had a great weekend! On Sunday Papaw Joe let us three girls help him make homemade ice cream! [It was bananas & honey!!] The ice cream has to be hand-cranked for 20 minutes, so we each took 5 minutes beginning with Papaw and then Emily Grace !

Lindsay took the third turn, which was harder than the first two!

I took the last turn which was definitely the hardest. Papaw had to hold it down for me so I could crank with both hands!

Ah, the sweet reward of hard work! We got to lick the beater and boy did it taste good. Thanks Papaw for a great experience!


Papaw & Granny said...

Thanks for a wonderful week-end!

Great meals,lots of talking, shopping and the open house was a busy time but we got to meet a lot more of your new friends and church family in Thomasville!

Can't wait for you ro come in July!!

Brian and Cara said...

Since you are in NC, if Papaw Joe needs anybody HERE to make ice cream for I can think of 5 people here that would LOVE to help him out! (Claire is to young to know what ice cream is!!) Love, Cara

Anonymous said...

MMMMMM! Cookouts!

Anonymous said...

Sorry we missed the good ice cream that Papaw Joe always makes. We miss those times together.
Mamaw & Papaw