Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Gone Fishing

Yes, you read the title correctly, we've been fishing! Dad took all three of us girls[mom opted to stay home] fishing at a church member's pond. Emily Grace and I had never been fishing before and Lindsay had only fished one time.

The first to catch a fish? Lindsay! She doesn't look too happy with the little bass she just caught, does she?

Emily caught a little bluegill, but she won't touch it! Dad bought her a Disney princess fishing rod and that has helped her catch more fish[or so she thinks].

I also caught a small bluegill. The first night we went
I didn't do too well, but yesterday I caught a catfish and a crappie!

Yeah Dad, you caught the same fish Emily and I caught!! Who knew three girls could love fishing so much?


Brian and Cara said...

Looks like you folks are adjusting to the country life nicely. Next thing you know you will be growing your own herbs right outside your back door!

Christine said...

you aren't *really* living country life 'til you start growing your own tomatoes, and other vegetables! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Fergusons! School's finally out and we get to check in on you guys more and write to you more often too. Love the pics and the narration Chelsea! Happy B-Lated B-Day Linds! We love and miss you.

Papaw & Granny said...

It's looks like you are having a

great time fishing, but I would

stay home with your Mom. Have fun

at the beach Emily. Take lots of

pictures for us!!

Love and miss you!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like we're missing some fun times. We're glad that you are having so much fun together.
Mamaw & Papaw