Monday, February 19, 2007

Homeschool In NC

As stated above this post is about homeschooling,but I had to show you our formal living room with furniture. This room is supposed to always stay clean for unexpected visitors, which may very well become routine.

First off our newest homeschooler, Emily Grace! She seems to be enjoying the option of doing school in her pj's; but really, she's adapting well to this new school environment.

Lindsay, hard at work reading literature in the living room.

Finally, me at work at the kitchen table with all those books. As you can see, we don't stay in one room, we travel all over the house to get school accomplished. We also do school in the van if need be, we're very flexible!

One thing we strive to do every school day is exercise and today we got that accomplished! Lindsay and Emily are working out together, they're doing a dance workout that we got Emily for her birthday.

I'm working out today by doing Pilates, this is the plank pose that I'm doing. We love school and are doing well in our new home!


Brian and Cara said...

I love the furniture in the living room. You have never had a living room!! How exciting.

Also, those homeschool pictures look staged! Do you really study? (Just kidding!) Actually my kids need to look at these so we can get back to doing the same thing! Love, Cara

Steve and Robin said...

What a beautiful home! I can't believe you all are just a few hours away! Would love to come visit after you get settled in...just let us know.

Love to all!

Steve and Robin McRae

Brian and Cara said...

Abby said "I love Emily's bed, it is really pinkish" Samuel said, "I love your bed Emily, it's really pretty." Isabelle said "Chelsea, look Chelsea, Look Mike, Chelsea, where's Dana" (and that is word for word!!!) Claire said, "I can't even see those pictures crazy lady why are you holding me so close to the computer, and what's a computer?"