Sunday, January 28, 2007

Blue Party

This is my first post on our new blog, how cool is that? Anyway, some of our friends at Little Flock threw a us a surprise going away party. Everything was blue because they are going to be "blue" without us. Thank you guys for such a fun and thoughtful party!

Mrs. Clayton took a picture of each of us and put them on cakes. Cool, huh?

There was even a table with presents!

There were three pillowcases for us girls that everyone at the party signed.

Emily loves her gifts!

Lindsay loves to open presents...

And so do I!

A Crave Case, how could you??

Taking the White Castle's oath [with the wrong hand]. When did my father become a Communist? At least there were no real hamburgers!


Brian and Cara said...

Yeah!! I am so glad you guys have your website up and running. I look forward to checking it often! Love, Cara

Kim said...

You Fergusons are so in the 21st century! Hey Chelsea, you gotta let me know how you did this!!
Mrs. Kim xxooxxooxxooxxooxxooxxoo

Rebecca Rentz said...

Hey!!! You will be in our thoughts and prayers as you move this week! I will be checking this site!

Anonymous said...

Lovin the Blog, lovin the pictures and lovin the fish/eel pizza. I'm so glad you guys are doing well.

Miss you, Robin

Anonymous said...

Chelsea!!! It's Melody Mayes from the LSC! I see you and your family are doing well. I'm working at the Girl Scouts now and loving it. I'm not sure if you still have my email, but just in case here it is...