Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Has Sprung!

It's finally warm again! Here are some pics from our Easter [*cough* Resurrection] weekend:

Mom and I decorated some adorable little chicks and bunnies to take to our church's Easter egg hunt!

Dad [yes, that's him in the hot dog costume!] and the Easter bunny waving at people on Lexington Ave.!

We each got a new dress to wear to church. This is the first time we've all had dresses for Easter since we were very small!

We posed blowing bubbles:

Jumping rope:

And in the grass:

Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!!

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Brian and Cara said...

ok, so I'm trying really hard to figure out what in the world a hot dog has to do with Easter. Help me out Chelsea!! ~Cara (it is VERY funny however!)