Monday, December 21, 2009

College Choices

Since I'm a senior this year, I have been applying to colleges and for scholarships like crazy. I applied to four colleges: Lenoir-Rhyne University, North Greenville University, Liberty University, and Regent University. I just got a phone call and I have been accepted to three of my four choices!! [ I have decided that Liberty is not my school, so it is now out of the running.] Now comes the hardest part, the decision. Lenoir-Rhyne, North Greenville, or Regent? I have no idea! In case you're interested, I'll give you my pros and cons for each one.
Lenoir Rhyne
  • Closest to home [45 minutes or so]
  • Best communication in the application process
  • Fastest decision time
  • Great English program


  • Most expensive
  • Not prevalent theatre program
  • Small amount of academic scholarships

North Greenville University


  • Beautiful, small-town campus
  • Perfect distance from home [2 hours]
  • Great English program
  • Nice dorms
  • New theatre complex


  • Few departmental scholarships
  • Not much info received upon acceptance
  • Unhelpful website

Regent University


  • Near the beach
  • Vast amount of scholarships
  • Good communication
  • Great programs for English and Theatre


  • Furthest away from home [4.5 hours]
  • Longest application process

This is just a sample of all the things that have rolled around in my brain the past few months. This is one of the most important decisions of my academic career and it is indeed stress-filled! Please pray for me and my family as we make this decision that will forever change my life. [And feel free to comment and give me your opinion on which college you think sounds best!]


Rachel said...

Chelsea -

I vote for very cool. I appreciate the thought and analysis you are putting in your college decision. You have a great blog...

Rachel Nichols
Lenoir-Rhyne University
Go Bears!

ecuguardgirl said...

hey girl! my recommendation is to go with your gut instinct! I normally knows what is best....I am sure you will make the right decision. But you will def be in my prayers

Chelsea Marie said...

thank you both!!

The Queen of Rock said...

Regent!!!!!! :) get out of my North Greenville! lol jk Regent makes the most sense for you my dear sisiter :)