Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fripp Trip 2009 Highlights

Our family spent a wonderful, relaxing week at Fripp Island, SC. We had a great time getting away from everything and spending time with each other and the whole [awesome!] Bowers family. Here are some pics of the week:

Our HUGE beach house! The size was perfect for the fourteen, yes fourteen, of us who stayed there. We were probably the loudest house on the island, but we were also the most fun!

Did I mention the house came with its own salt-water pool? It was great!!

The beautiful beach!

Jonathan enjoyed playing in the water, despite the jellyfishes.

Dad and Michael B. enjoyed several heated games of bocce ball.

In lieu of sandcastles, we created interesting-looking [and easier to make] mounds of sand.

The sunsets were just lovely on the beach.

Back at the house, we played guitar hero. . .

Sang karaoke. . .

And made a giant pyramid out of red plastic cups.

To surprise Nana and Pawpy [Michael B.'s parents who allow us to join them on vacation] our family had these shirts made for the whole group!
Nana and Pawpy LOVED seeing all of us in matching shirts. We had a great week with these wonderful folks, thanks so much for letting us tag-along!!


Our Journey to Rwanda said...

Ahhhh...To go back for just a few more days...that's not too much to ask now, is it??

Chelsea Marie said...

I certainly don't think so! :)