Saturday, July 18, 2009


We experienced a terrible storm last Sunday night into early Monday morning. There was lots of lightning and thunder and some damage was done to our house. Thankfully, none of us got hurt!! Here are some pics of the morning-after:

The giant tree that fell on the carport from the side.

From the front of the house.

The telephone pole by our mailbox fell down as well and left the transformer and lots of wires in the yard.

Duke power guys to the rescue!

The auger next to the worker for a little perspective.

This was taken from the church parking lot to show just how low the power lines were.
We ended up going without power for almost 15 hours! We did eventually get power again, the power lines were fixed, and the tree is almost gone from the side yard. Thankfully, we all came out unscathed!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Chelsea for all of the pictures of the storm damage. We are so thankful none of you were hurt.

We love, miss , and are praying for you this week as you finish your online class and train for your new job.

Papaw Joe and Granny