Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend in the Mountains

Our family took a weekend off and went to the mountains of Hillsville, VA. We had a great, very relaxing weekend!

Our quaint cabin.

The pond in our front yard.

My self-portait looks photoshopped, but it is real, I promise!

Lindsay and Emily sitting in the yard by the pond.

We visited the Mabry Mill State Park, behind us is the Mabry Mill.

In the skeleton of a wagon.

Sitting on actual millstones, gives a whole new meaning to Matthew 18:6.

We look so small!

Close up in front of the mountains.

We took the yellow trail.

Sitting in a big rock on our hiking trail.

Watch Out!!

Taking a little rest while fishing.


Brian and Cara said...

For a second I thought that last picture was actually a bear- oh wait, it's Mike. Phew!

Anna Gray said...

I love the pics! It looks like you all had a lot of fun! The last time we went to the mountains we got to see the leaves changing color and we hiked, etc. and the time before that when we went to the mountains (I was 9) I threw up. Thank goodness I didn't last time!!!

-A.G. :D :) :O

The Beaver Bunch said...

That pic of you girls and your dad on the rock made me do a double take.

It seriously looked like he had highlighted his hair. I was a more than a tad relieved to see it was only the yellow in his sunglasses when I enlarged it.

Chelsea Marie said...

Actuallly, Jessica, he did get his hair highlighted a bit on the top! Look closely, it's blonde on the top. haha it looks very surfer-esque close up.