Thursday, January 22, 2009


Today is the day of silent protest, also know as, Never Silence Life. This day, January 22, is the anniversary of the day when Abortion was legalized in the United States. Our country has been allowing the abomination that is abortion for 36 years. All over the country today, people will gather in a silent protest against abortion. What exactly is a silent protest? There's no shouting, no chanting, no rude behavior, no homemade signs. Protesters will place a piece of tape over their mouths with "LIFE" written across it. They will stand in front of schools, court buildings, on street corners, anywhere they can to show that words don't win the battle, words aren't necessary to make a statement for the over 1 million babies killed each year through a "choice".

I myself will not have a chance to protest this year, but I'm praying. I'm also wearing a shirt from, a website that educates students about abortion. Please visit the Never Silence Life website, , pray, protest, do whatever you can to be a voice for the voiceless.

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The Queen of Rock said...

Im with ya on this one, I will wear my abortion shirt too. Hopefully next year we can do the tape thing.