Saturday, December 13, 2008

Family Christmas Pictures

We had a photo shoot of sorts at church last week for our Christmas card picture. Here are some of the results:

The theme, by the way, was argyle. All my idea! This is a good far-away shot.

A pretty good close-up shot. My head's kind of weird in this one.

A cute one of us girls.

This is my favorite shot of the three of us! So which one became the official card picture? You'll have to wait until you get yours to see. . . or you can leave a comment and guess!
Merry Christmas!!!


Anonymous said...

I (Granny) like them all, but my favorite is the close up of all of you!

We can't wait to see you after Christmas!!

Love and miss you lots!!

Papaw and Granny

Anonymous said...

i like the close up of the family and the second one of you three! you all look wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

I love all of these pictures. You guys take such good pics. The camera loves you. So do we! Please send copies of all the above for my digital photo frame. That was a wonderful gifft by the way.
Mamaw and Papaw