Monday, October 20, 2008

We are Finally Home!!!

From my previous post, it could easily be assumed that I've been home all weekend, but that's not the case! We were supposed to fly our Thursday afternoon at 12:23 to head home. A storm came in and blocked the mountains, so it was not safe to fly out. Everyone who was planning to fly out couldn't, so we had to take the next available flight. Plan A was flying out of a different city[San Pedro Sula] four hours away on Monday morning. None of us were happy, but we had no choice. Plans changed, however, on Friday we found out that four of us could get out of the city we were in on Sunday, and the rest on Monday from the closest airport[10 minutes instead of 4 hours]. Somehow Dad and I got elected to be part of the four. We left Tegucigalpa at 12:20 and got into Charlotte at 10:20pm. This past weekend was very frustrating, but a learning experience.

I'm so glad to be home!!! Other than the flight delay, our trip was great. I had a blast working with the kids and was sad to leave the work site. Dad and I will be putting together a picture slide show soon, which I'll post on the blog to save blogging about 330 individual pictures. I will, however, blog some on the experiences I've had in the days to come. I'll blog soon about the little girl who touched my heart. . . until then pray for my fellow team members, they won't get home until 10:20 this evening!

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