Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Live Hospital Blogging 1

I'm sitting in the surgical waiting room at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center Hospital in Winston-Salem, NC while my dad is having surgery. First of all this hospital is HUGE!!!! We are in some type of tower, I really don't know exactly where I am in this place. You wouldn't believe at 9:00am on a Tuesday morning how many people are in surgical waiting. On to my dad. . . he is having a heart ablation, this surgery will take 6-8 hours!! In my opinion, they can take as long as they need to do a good job. They are keeping him overnight to monitor potential blood clots and such, but he should get to come home tomorrow. His surgery began at 8:00 am this morning so we will not get an in-surgery update until 10:00 am. I will try my best to update when we know how surgery is going. As for mom and I, we're doing really well, a little bored but nothing we can't handle! Please keep dad in your prayers over the next few days, we really appreciate it!