Monday, August 4, 2008

Fripp Island Part 5 David's Hole

On our last day at Fripp Island, we went to the beach. David, one of the Bowers' cousins, went with us and decided to see how deep of a hole he could dig in the sand. It was quite impressive, and a fun way to spend our last morning on the beach!

This is how we found David, totally in the digging zone.

A better look at the hole.

C'mon kids, let's all watch David dig! I'm sure he won't mind.

Hip-Deep in his hole.

Put your back into it!

It's chest-deep, but its not done yet. . .

The finished product! By the way, David's sitting Indian-style down in that hole. For all wondering, I did not get in the hole, my claustrophobia would have been kicked into high gear. This is the last post of our trip to Fripp, we had over 300 pictures and I tried to condense as much as possible. I hope you enjoyed seeing our vacation, expect to see a few movie reviews soon!

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Anonymous said...

I love to see and hear what you all are up too. It makes me feel closer to all of you! Keep posting.
M & P