Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Adventures in Babysitting

I've had a summer job babysitting Kailey and this week is my last week, Lindsay's had a little girl, Rebekah, to watch for three days this week as well. We decided to document our day with photos:

What better way to begin the day than with a Bible story?

Kailey and Rebekah engage in a vicious game of Mancala.

Since it was a nice morning, we decided to go out side for awhile. I taught the girls how to play Medieval Times, shown here.

We also decided to play Army,Navy . One of the commands in this game is "seasick", Rebekah and I are demonstrating it here.

Lindsay, Rebekah, and I are demonstrating "man overboard" from Amy, Navy.

Next, on to crafts! We painted by rolling marbles around in a metal pan over a sheet of white paper. It's really fun, just ask the Croft kids![Love you guys!]

Our high-tech drying system for our marble paintings.

All our finished artwork.

Table top dodge ball, played on the floor, is a good way to end the day!

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Anonymous said...

Can you baby sit me? Looks like fun!
Love & miss you all!!!!
M & P