Sunday, July 27, 2008

MFUGE 2008

Our youth group went to MFUGE camp at North Greenville University. MFUGE is not your average summer camp. The "M" stands for missions and that's exactly what we did. As soon as you arrive, the staff take you to a room and present you with all of your track options: Children's, Social, Games and Recreation, PCY[paint,construction, and yard work], and Creative. Each track is pretty self explanatory, and each is a lot of work. I chose PCY and we did the "Y" lots of yard work! We pulled weeds and cleaned up flowerbeds at a church and a community center. It was awesome to see the work we accomplished. Others in our church group did PCY, children's, and games and rec. The consensus was pretty clear, everyone LOVED MFUGE! Above is a video slide show I created of the pictures we took while we were there, please enjoy it!


Anonymous said...

It looks like you all had a really good time. I remember how much I loved youth camp! Hope you many lots of friends! I miss you all!
Love Ya
Aunt Cathie

Anonymous said...

Chelsea that is so true about MFUGE. I've gone with my Youth Group to one in Charlston, SC it was a lot of fun, because I did Rec and games. Basically what we did is play with the kids and make sure they had fun, everyone included in that fun. I got the nickname "spiderman" because I liked to jump and swing on one of the swing's crossbeams. MFUGE was awesome and I would soososossosoooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!
Like to do it again. I'm glad you guys had an awesome time, both at Fripp Island and MFUGE. Hope To See U Soon,
Your Friend,