Friday, July 4, 2008

Kit Kittredge: An American Girl [G]

I love American Girl dolls. For my 10th birthday I received Molly, the World War 2 doll. She was gorgeous and I still have her today. I've read all of her books many times and seen her movie. I'm not alone in my infatuation with these dolls, 14 million have been sold since American Girl began selling dolls in 1986. After dolls, books, catalogues, magazines, and a store in NYC ,movies were logically the next step. In 2003, Samantha: An American Girl Holiday debuted as a made for TV movie. Samantha was a hit and two more TV movies followed, Felicity: An American Girl Adventure in 2005 and Molly: An American Girl on the Home front in 2006. Both were phenomenal successes and now American Girl has gone to the big screen with Kit Kittredge: An American Girl.

Kit is the story of an ambitious ten year old living during the Great Depression in Cincinnati, Ohio. Kit dreams of becoming a published journalist and practices by writing about her life during the Depression. Her happy little family is split when her father's job is terminated and he moves to Chicago to look for a job. He is gone much longer than expected, and,to make ends meet, her mother takes in boarders to help pay the bills. Having strangers living in her home makes Kit's writing all the more interesting, but trouble ensues. A mystery is revealed and Kit must solve it or her family will go to the poor house!

My family and I have been eagerly anticipating this movie for quite some time. We girls went on opening day to see it, Dad had to work. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. The acting was very good, several very famous actors have small parts and they perform them well. The story was engaging, the costumes were so cute and very decade appropriate. Abigail Breslin, in the title role, was adorable and played Kit perfectly.I highly recommend it for a girls' day out, but boys would enjoy it if you can get them there! I have one question: Where did the art of making good popcorn go? Does anyone, anywhere know how to make good popcorn? Mine was OK, but nothing to get excited over. I'm sticking to candy from now on!

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Christine said...

Very nice review! Sounded quite professional. And AMEN to the popcorn comment! I *love* movie theater popcorn, but the past few times, like you, it has disappointed.