Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mom's Birthday

Yesterday, May 31st, was my mom's birthday!

We decorated the kitchen for mom's birthday!

Here's a close up of the letters. I printed each individual letter off of the computer[shh! don't tell my dad] and it took Emily and me an hour and a half to color them all!

The streamers are hard to see in the above pictures, but the three of us hung them up in near-perfect symmetry, thank you very much!

The disaster cake! Mom loves strawberry cake, so that's what we attempted to make. Something went wrong with the icing, and it kept sliding off and taking the extra strawberries with it! Nonetheless, it tasted very good!

Whenever we watch cooking shows, a frequent occurrence at our house, mom is always envious of the cute prep bowls all the chefs have. That inspired this gift! We found them on and they had free shipping! Happy Birthday Mom, and we won't tell how old you are!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dana!

You girls are the best!! I wish I could have been there and not on a plane coming back from Mexico.

Maybe next year!

Love and miss all of you,

Sue Ferguson said...

Looks like you did a great job to me. You girls are so thoughtful and wonderful daughters.
Happy Birthday Dana!!!!!

Amy Clay said...

Fantastic job Chelsea!! You are so talented and creative...always enjoy reading about your family and looking at the pictures.

Tell your Mom Happy Birthday from the Clays!