Saturday, December 1, 2007

Life With 3 Girls

We were so inspired by posts on our friend's, The Crofts, blog [] that we decided to make our own. Life with three girls is :
Lots of shoes! Lindsay,Emily, and I got out all of our winter shoes. No need to count, there are 22 pairs of shoes there. And the girl with the most shoes? Lindsay wins with ten pairs!

And lots of makeup! Keep in mind, our family makeup rule is that girls under 13 can only wear lip gloss. Upon turning 13, she can wear mascara, eyeshadow, and lipstick. At 14, she can wear powder and we haven't convinced our mom how cool eye liner is[hint,hint]. Here are the numbers: 14 lip glosses and 1 set of 98 lip glosses, 7 chap sticks, 4 sets of eyeshadow, 3 powders,2 lipsticks, 2 mascaras, and 1 eyelash curler. The winner? Again Lindsay with 17 separate makeup products.

And lots of dolls and bears! We collected 15 dolls and 9 teddy bears. Emily wins this one with 14 dolls and 4 teddy bears. Lindsay has one teddy bear and I have one doll and 4 bears. This post has got me thinking...we have WAY too much stuff. We have , however, been cleaning out our closets and giving many bags to Goodwill. Happy 1st day of December everyone!


Brian and Cara said...

A glimpse into what is to come for us! We definitely are going to need a bigger bathroom! Love, Cara

Anonymous said...

one comment on the middle section: that is a great rule, but why do you girls(in general) think you really need any of that stuff to look better? in many cases it only ends up making something look distorted or irregular. I prefer time when girls don't feel(or think) they have to put on make-up to look pretty when they are very BEAUTIFUL as the Lord made them.
Thanks for blogging though.
Your Brother in Christ,
SEan Jones