Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pigs in Lexington,Christmas in Thomasville

Lexington,NC[we take art in downtown Lexington] is one of the BBQ capitals of the country. In honor of the BBQ fest 07[which happened on the weekend the Says were here]pigs are making an appearance.

Dad took a picture from the van window of the caroling pigs.

In front of the Art Center in Lexington, art class location, there is a HUGE sand sculpture of pigs from the BBQ Fest '07. It is so cool up close.

And now on to Christmas! Our church decorated early for Christmas this year and here's the biggest tree we have.

A pretty,but fake, poinsettia[I think] arrangement in front of the stage. Side note: The very red carpet and pews in the sanctuary go very well with the Christmas decorations. I wonder, did they plan for that when they picked the color or was it just a perk?

Yesterday was also the Tville Christmas parade. Too early for me. As you can see we're high quality in our parades here. This float is from the Thomasville Times. All of these pictures are pre-parade.

This one is from Bobbi's school of dance. By the way, I have no idea where that is.

The last good picture I have is of the blue float from the NC model pageant. These floats look curiously similar, the creativity is astounding. It was WAY too cold to stay out for the parade so we watched a movie instead. Unless something else exciting happens, our next post will be from Thanksgiving in KY. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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