Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Dad's Many Hats

I know it's long in coming, but better late than never. When we were in Disney World September 17-23, my Dad had a fascination with hats. And not just any hats, crazy and wacky hats that you can't find anywhere else. Enjoy!

The first hat Dad put on, the Mayor Mickey hat. We were not very far into Epcot when he began with the hats.

A big part of Epcot is the World Showcase. Several countries are featured, it is so cool. At the Mexico pavilion, Dad couldn't resist the giant sombrero.

At the Norway pavilion, Dad fought a troll in the Viking hat complete with braids.

At the China pavilion , Dad tried on a very odd hat. Notice the one long braid?What's up with that?

At the Kenya pavilion with a Safari hat and drum.

At the Germany pavilion. I don't know what the hat is called , but it's traditional for German men to where it.

At the America pavilion, he tried on a tricorn. He looks ready for battle.

At the Japan pavilion, he tried on this sideways hat.

At the Morocco pavilion, there was a hat with dread locks!

Dad tried a beret on at the France pavilion, but he forgot to take off his Cardinals hat.

The last hat , but certainly not the least. The Bobby helmet from the UK pavilion. This one was my personal favorite. I hope you enjoyed Dad's hats and I'll post more Disney pictures soon!


Granny & Papaw said...

I love the hats!! I'm so glad that you got to go back to Disneyworld! We really enjoyed being there for
Mike's and Emily's birthdays!
Can't wait until Thanksgiving to
see all of you again!

Anonymous said...

Mike you are the funniest thing. Looks like you had as much if not more fun than the kids.
Love and miss you all
Mamaw & Papaw