Monday, August 27, 2007

Science Experiments

Today I did a science experiment on the density of liquids. My supplies: generic maple syrup, vegetable oil, water, a tall glass, a mass scale, safety goggles and a graduated cylinder.

The first step was to pour 50ml of maple syrup and weigh it to get its mass. I then poured it into the glass and did some chemistry math about the syrup. Emily made a video while I was calculating, it's funny!

I did the same thing with the water and poured it into the same glass as the syrup.

Guess what? I did it all AGAIN with the vegetable oil and poured it into the glass. What happened in that glass?

The most dense liquid was the syrup, which settled at the bottom. The second was the water and the least dense was the vegetable oil. How cool is that? Well that's about the only cool thing about chemistry, pray for me!!


Brian and Cara said...

Looks like your schooling is more fun than ours!! Of course your house has ALWAYS been more fun! Love, Cara

Anonymous said...

Looks interesting! Let us know how future expermints go. You guys are soooo smart.
Miss you!!! Mamaw & Papaw