Wednesday, August 15, 2007

For All Those Who Mocked and Scorned Us...

At the end of May we bought our first watermelon. It wasn't very good and we spit the seeds into the yard from the porch. About 6 weeks ago, a vine began growing and now it's taken over the front porch. There are also two watermelons!! We weren't even trying to grow watermelons, but here they are:
This is the ever-present vine. It stretches from the daylily on the far left to the azalea bush on the far right and wraps around all the bushes in between.
This is the first one we found growing on the porch right in front of the chairs! It's tripled in size in the past three days.

We found this one just yesterday and it's much bigger than the first one we found. It was hidden behind the holly bush... sneaky little melon. We can't wait until they're big enough to eat.
P.S. All of you who said nothing would grow, HA!!


Anonymous said...

Let us know if they're any good.
Love Mamaw & Papaw

Papaw & Granny said...

We hope your watermelon tastes as good as it looks!!