Friday, June 15, 2007


Today while Lindsay and Daddy went fishing, Emily and I decided to do facials. Sometime ago, we got free facial samples, and we finally got to try them. I did a Dead Sea Mineral Mask and Emily did a clear Cucumber Melon peel. WARNING: The pictures are scary!

Here's the Dead Sea Mineral Mask! I would have smiled, but I couldn't move my face. When I washed it off, my face did feel softer.

Emily's was a peel, not a mask. It looks like she's peeling off layers of skin, but it's just the facial peel. [And supposedly layers of dead skin cells.] We had a fun time laughing at ourselves and trying something new!


Brian and Cara said...

Chelsea, Isabelle says "Look Chelsea has cake on her face. Isn't she funny?" You are brave to post these photos!!!!
......4 days!!!!!! Love, cara

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter what you have on your're still beautiful to us.
Mamaw & Papaw