Monday, April 30, 2007

Basket Cases

Last Thursday, April 26th, Lindsay, Emily, and I went with mom to Jo Moore's house and wove baskets. Yes, we WOVE baskets with our own hands. If you don't believe me, look at the pictures.

Emily worked really hard on her basket! She was the best at lacing, the hardest part of basket weaving!

Lindsay didn't even want to make a basket when we planned this. In fact, she didn't want to go at all. She ended up going first and finishing first!

Here I am beginning my basket! Mrs. Moore let us each pick a color to add to our basket, she dyed the strands herself. Emily chose purple, Lindsay chose green, and I chose yellow. Our baskets really reflect our personalities.

The finished product! We were so amazed at how professional and polished they looked. Lindsay and I use our baskets as carriers for the candy bars we're selling for camp.[No fundraising plug intended!] Emily uses hers as a home for Felicity, her American Girl doll. Don't log off yet, there's one more picture...

Mom finally made it on the blog! She made a basket a few weeks ago and inspired us to try it out. This picture is for you, Isabelle! The bottom line: weaving baskets is fun!


Granny & Papaw said...

Hey, girls,

You did a great job on your baskets!

Finally, we get a picture of your Mom! Her basket matches her shirt.

We love and miss all of you!

Anonymous said...

Baskets are very nice! It can hold the Super Pastor's Mark of the Beast Easter Egg next year. One line next to the third picture says that "Ms. Moore died," so the McRae's had a good laugh. Hope everything is going well. We love you.
The McRaes

Anonymous said...

Finally, a picture of Dana. WOW!!! Those baskets look great. You all are getting very handy at making artsie stuff. Looking Good!. We miss you all and love you.
Mamaw & Papaw